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About the Founder 01

About the Founder

Get to Know Ricardo

Hi, my name is Ricardo Silva. I am originally from Portugal, but I came to visit my friends in Scotland, and I fell in love with this country and culture, and now I am living here permanently. The possibilities of growth here are enormous and enables anyone with persistence to live their dream. I am married to a lovely and very supportive woman. She has been with me on this journey and has given me so much support and encouragement. We have three beautiful daughters; they are six months, seven years and 14 years of age.

Core Skills 02

Core Skills

It's not just having one idea.

It all started many years ago and it was a horrible non-practical website created in Ms framework lol but it was my first creation I bet many programmers and web designers started this way. Now I have nine published websites and creating two more. When you see me on my job you can quickly tell that I am so passionate about programming and web creation.,I studied business management in school but I am a self-trained self-taught programmer and web creator. I started when I was quite young. I like personal development so I became self-taught in numerous other subjects and I have spent lots of money on various courses.

Our Aim 03

Our Aim

The Why!

I found that the prices on most of these courses can be very exorbitant thereby denying people with genuine interest and desire in personal development, the opportunity to do so.,I aim to provide courses at reasonably affordable prices while maintaining quality to standards and best practices. To give people from different walks of life the opportunity to better themselves through various classes at their own pace and get the chance to progress in careers without the hindrance of financial situations and the extremity of day to day society we live. Thereby allowing for the use of the acquired knowledge in the student’s workplace.

Our Service Aim

So many goals that we know you can achieve with DigiUni.


Improved your skills for a career progression or to master your favourite hobby. All in one place at your own pace!


Deciding when and what you want to learn it’s a very common option in today’s day, E-Learning Market move millions of users every year.


Knowledge is precious and how you learn it needs to have a different approach due to this busy day to day routines.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within our community of learners and teachers within our platform.

Free and paid courses

We want to welcome everyone that is interested in learning and increase their knowledge so we are offering free courses as well.


Thanks to an amazing hosting provider HostPhyton, with their Dedicated Servers we are able to host all our content, video or text, safely on our platform. All in one place for you.

“DigiUni.education is a reflex of a long journey of self-improvement and thousands spent. With the support of my loving wife, that is a teacher, I decided to gather all my core skills and entrepreneur spirit to create this business plan that aims to join teachers with students on one unique platform with affordable prices without losing quality.”
“ For more than 10 years of teaching experience, I found DigiUni.education and this platform allows me to do what I love the most, teaching, at home and learn other passions I have and never had the time to enrol myself in one university. ”

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