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I am really pumped today! I managed to get a copy of a new system that shows exactly how to make serious profits on Kindle Publishing.


You see, I’ve considered putting an ebook or two up for sale on Kindle before, but I was sceptical about selling a thing. I was worried about the masses of competition and the really low sale prices.


That was before I picked up the Kindle is Still Alive system. Amazon has such enormously vast traffic numbers that it’s easy to attract plenty of attention for your ebook – when you know how.


Seriously, I am amazed at how much I didn’t know about making Kindle’s eBookstore work in my favour. The guide is just so easy to follow that anyone can cash in on Kindle!


What Does Kindle is Still Alive Show You?


This guide goes into some serious detail showing you how to create e-books that will sell really well. It also shows you how to create compelling titles that stand out from the competition.


Another really helpful piece of advice I can’t recommend highly enough is formatting your ebook. Amazon Kindle ebooks need to be formatted in a certain way in order to be readable on a Kindle device. This guide really explains clearly exactly what you need to do to format your book properly so it looks professional and can be read properly by anyone using a Kindle reader.


Now, there’s quite a bit to learn about getting the whole Kindle Publishing thing right. However, this eBook makes it easy for you to make sure you don’t miss any important steps. The guide comes with a checklist to help you tick off all the tasks you need to get done before you publish your book.


There’s also a handy workbook to keep you on track without missing any of the important steps on your way to Kindle success.


Easy Steps to Kindle Success


While I was working my way through the Kindle is Still Alive system, I was focused on creating a great book that would sell well.  And I admit, the guide was brilliant for helping me get that far.


But then the guide takes you by the hand and leads you through the exact steps you need to promote your book for maximum sales. It also shows you how to set your prices to ensure you earn the highest possible profits.


If you’ve ever considered releasing an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore, you really can’t afford to do it without the help of the brilliant guide. Head over to over to WebTools and check it out for yourself you even have Freebies there. You will love it.


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